Transport Management Solutions

Optimize your logistics with Spinclabs Transport Management Solutions, designed to address modern challenges like delivery delays, high transportation costs, and fragmented communication. Our TMS offers real-time visibility, automated billing, ERP integration, and advanced data analytics, enabling supply chain managers to streamline operations and reduce costs effectively.

What our Logistics Digitization solution does for you ?

Centralising logistics data provides you with a wealth of information that can be analysed and used to make data-driven decisions.

Centralise your Logistics data

  • How many Trips are unpaid to ‘X’ Transporters for their respective freight charges ?
  • What are the Miscellaneous charges incurred in transportation in the current financial year ?

Our primary focus is to address the fundamental queries that arise in the day-to-day logistics operations. Our unified logistics system establishes direct communication with leading ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, retrieving the required information. It seamlessly integrates with logistics operation data, providing valuable insights to both the leadership and operations teams. This enables swift and accurate decision-making, empowering your business to respond promptly to evolving situations.

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Provide Visibility on logistics data

The visibility module also provides you with access to a range of analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to gain insights into your logistics operations and identify areas for improvement. You can generate reports on delivery performance, carrier performance, and other key metrics, helping you to optimise your logistics operations and reduce costs.

Have visibility on not only orders that are shipped but also on pending invoices, ETA ( expected time of arrival) , delays in arrival of trucks on time, Detention charges, Quality check reports etc, all on single window

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Tracking and monitoring of logistics operations

Our tracking capabilities have enabled the logistics operations team not only to monitor the in-transit vehicle but also to stay on top of shipments, invoices, orders, trips, and more. Through seamless integration with the fleet management application, the team can track in real-time and receive timely notifications and alerts.

We help in

  • Trip Tracking
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Order Tracking
  • Vehicle/Object Tracking
  • IoT & Telematics
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Billing management for Transporters

Avoid the inconvenience of handling numerous versions of top sheets and invoices from various transporters when processing freight charge payments. Maintain distinct templates for bills from each transporter. It also assists transporters in searching for all bills associated with LR numbers, group invoices by trip numbers, freight bills, miscellaneous bills, and more. Get all the raised bills approved by the manager on a single click by our bill approval method.

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Transportation operations don't happen in isolation, and neither should your logistics management system. That's why we crafted this solution to be adaptable in your environment with your branding and aesthetics , allowing you to maximise its value by seamlessly integrating it with the tech tools you're already utilising.

  • Third party Integrations

    We have expertise in handling integration with ERP like SAP, Oracle etc. Also being any courier partner or any fleet management system, we can bring consolidated data on your table.

  • Predictive analytics and Gen RPT

    Utilise our cutting-edge generative reporting technology to prompt users to generate reports using the chatbot.

  • Document management through Distributed ledger mechanism

    Protect important trade documents upkeep and transfer on our most advanced Blockchain technology. Protect Bill of lading, Certificates of origin , Insurance certificate and other multiple documents via secured way of transfer.

  • Customised control tower

    We assist our customers in establishing a control tower tailored to the requirements of all logistics stakeholders. The metrics of the control tower are customised to suit the needs of different stakeholders.

We provide comprehensive support for the solution, including proper training and resources for effective change management.

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