Transporter-Billing Reinvented

Say goodbye to manual errors and time-consuming bills or top sheet sent by transporters . Spinclabs employs workflow driven, automatic invoice creation for the ease of vendors to raise error free tax invoice.

  • Deploy a debit note and credit note system for easy processing of invoices.
  • Execute billing on the basis of LR number search (Lorry receipt).
  • Combining trips taken in one GST number.
  • Also, avoid missing the debit note on miscellaneous charges like late fees and indent rejection & non placement of vehicles charges.

Claim Management Excellence

Spinclabs Claims Management integrates seamlessly with our EPOD ( Electronic proof of delivery) mobile app, offering an automated portal to efficiently manage the claim from customers.

  • Streamline communications.
  • Reduce transaction costs, and
  • Optimize claims recovery rate

Billing Approvals Made Simple

Integrate bill payment, and cost allocation solutions into our unified logistics system,for bottom-line savings.

  • Spinclabs brings advanced automation and reporting capabilities to radically simplify approval and payment processes in hierarchical approval system, eliminating manual errors.
  • Integrate effortlessly with your financial system for proper cost assignment and a clean accounting process.
  • To and fro communication of payment possible for easy coordination

Why Spinclabs?

  • Efficiency: Streamline processes to eliminate manual errors and time-consuming workflows.
  • Cost Savings: Maximize revenue opportunities and achieve bottom-line savings.
  • Automation Leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize legacy processes.
  • Integrated Solutions: Seamless alignment with your preferred financial system or ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Azure.

Choose Spinclabs to revolutionize your freight billing & settlement processes, ensuring every function adds value to your operations

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