Basic Track and Trace of Vehicles on fleet management application is fundamental. But our logistics operation application help you track your Trips, Shipment and even the Item.

Utilising advanced GPS devices and SIM tracking technology, our system ensures accurate and real-time tracking of your assets. This technology allows us to monitor the location and movement of orders efficiently, providing you with precise information at all times.


Leverage the power of GPS device installed on vehicles to track the real time location of your vehicles and also keep track of important alerts like overspeeding, night driving, driver behaviour.

Check our ‘Fleet Management System’ for more information.

SIM Tower

We take care of the problem of Market vehicles deployed for the transportation of goods in primary and secondary movement. There is no control on having a fixed vehicle for ad hoc deliveries specially in secondary movement. Use the SIM number of the driver to easily locate the exact location of the vehicle. We can track SIM numbers across all the telecom networks.

Mobile APP

Use the Driver mobile app to give the exact location of the driver who is driving the specific vehicle. The Mobile app is equipped with tracking beacon to give the real time location of driver.

— Basic Track and Trace – (Normal definition)
— Tracking through GPS device, SIM tracking – (How we Track)
— Order tracking (Baxter example)
— Trip tracking (Atfl example)

Order Tracking

Our order tracking feature offers detailed insights to End customer in secondary movement. Distributors have real time visibility on the movement of their respective orders. The Order tracking is available from Order place to order delivered.

Each order, including Order Number, Order Type, Billed To Name, Billed To City, Billed To State, Order Date, Warehouse, and Status. This comprehensive view allows for efficient monitoring and management of your orders.

Trip Tracking

For a detailed view of your transportation activities, our trip tracking feature includes essential information such as Trip Id, Order Number, Warehouse, Invoice Number, Transporter, Order Type, Bill To Name, Bill To City, Vehicle, Status, and EWaybill. This comprehensive tracking system ensures that you have full control over your transportation processes.

With these features, our track and trace system goes beyond the basics, providing you with a robust and efficient tool to manage and monitor your orders, invoices, products, and transportation activities.

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