Features of Shipment Visibility & Tracking

Crystal-Clear Pathways, Decisive:

Attain unprecedented command over your Primary and Secondary movement of goods. From detailed item insights to integrated services, our Shipment and Order Visibility solution furnishes the granularity essential for optimizing your supply chain.

Structured Data Harmony:

Bid farewell to fragmented information. We capture and normalize data from diverse logistics operations, presenting it in practical, actionable formats.

Unified Trip Insight:

Seamlessly oversee your shipments on a single application. Deep integration with ERP brings across all the shipment and trips related data on a consolidated hub, simplifying logistics intricacies.

Integration Prowess:

Configure integrations seamlessly with your existing ERP platform & Fleet tracking application, minimizing workflow disruptions and process changes.

Holistic Information Exchange:

Collaborate effectively. Unify information for all logistics stakeholders, ensuring real-time access, push alerts, and automated API exports to ERP systems.

Journey Monitoring:

Geo-Mapping source and destination locations, track the vehicle real-time, offering a comprehensive overview of trip journey.

Order Visibility to End Customer:

Give this application to the end customer for complete tracking of the Order from the date the order is placed till it is delivered to the customer. Having notification on every milestone. Like Order places, order invoiced, Order delivered.

Precision Shipment Visibility at Every Level


Elevate tracking capabilities. Query specific shipment, trip or vehicle using our control tower filter, gaining detailed insights into trip and vehicle locations for precise delivery estimates. Know the vehicle's parameters and trip data on the tracking dashboard itself.


Stay ahead of potential disruptions and issues with our robust alert system providing real-time notifications to mitigate risks and ensure smooth operations. Alerts like Geofence, Harsh acceleration, Harsh braking, idle, Night driving, overspeeding etc.

Billing Charges by Transporter

Our Billing system helps the billing team have perfect visibility on indent rejection charges, detention and late charges, and any other miscellaneous charges.

Operational Efficiencies

Order & Shipment Visibility is more than just tracking—it's a catalyst for efficiency. By automating Indent planning, keeping a trip record, and calculating the required bills along the trip, we trim operating costs at every phase of your logistics operation journey.

Choose Spinclabs, where visibility seamlessly integrates with efficiency, unlocking the full potential of your logistics operations.

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