Increase efficiency and accountability of Logistics planner team

Let your logistics operation team work with integrated data to pick the load, check for the source and destination movement from existing invoices to efficiently choose the contracted transporter for the purpose of vehicle placement at the right date and time.

Increase Transporter accountability

Bring your contracted transporters in the lain stream ecosystem of logistics operation. Give them digital access to accept or reject the request of vehicles requirement.

Adherence and control on time based compliance

Digital way of indent planning let the logistic operation check the time of placement of vehicles, and levy the miscellaneous charges such as non placement charges, rejection charges to the transporter.

Advantage of Integrated Planning

All the shipper companies are now on ERP system to manage the supply chain operations. Our efficient planning tool can be deeply integrated with the ERP database to directly fetch the data for ease of use.

– Efficiently check the freight charges of contracted and adhoc transporters

– Check the L1 L2 L3 transporters- existing allocated trips

– Check the lead time and route for each transporters

– Easily chose the source and destinations for creating a single destination or multi destination trips

Vehicle indent allocation based on the Spot bidding and contract bidding

Get the easier way to allocate the vehicle indent to the Transporter

– Either use our direct allocation system to choose the contracted transporter moving on the fixed route and based on fix freight charges

– Or use our spot bidding way to broadcast the Indent to the pool of non contracted transporters.

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